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We are no longer accepting bug reports for Chameleon version 1.1.4.


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Currently Known Issues

These are issues that are known and have been reported already. We are actively working on fixing them.

  • - Android 4.0.3 has a known issue that is causing problems with our web cache resulting in hard crashes.
  • - Calendar widget on some devices can't get access to local calendar data or accounts
  • - Facebook widget, can suffer from failed authentication. From what we can see this is from Facebook.
  • - Depending on the state of Chameleon, and how the device is restarted, Chameleon layouts can be reset.

Bug Reporting

In order for us address your bug we need some info from you. Hey look, we even have a handy form for that! Once we get your bug we will do our best to address the issue.

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